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Scott Keever

Scott Keever

Scott Keever is called a professional and principled leader with an established reputation for achieving outstanding business leads. He has done this  to several essential functional areas for a fast paced Fortune 300 company. Achieved in building results-oriented sales teams, marketing multiple brands/merchandise groups, and improving market share and net profits.

Scott is a trusted leader with the powerful mix of social and analytic abilities focused on maximizing results through teamwork, customer focus and employee development. Expert in inspiring and leading high performance teams through strategic vision, management by objectives. He’s known for creating a collaborative knowledge established culture poised for success.


Above all, you should be aware of that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. After your website is optimized, it’s going to rank higher within Bing and Google ’s search results. By using the techniques that are perfect, you’ll have the ability to elevate your website’s position and bring organic, important visitors for your website.

Comprehension Google

Well, Google has set an all-inclusive algorithm set up to quantify power and each website’s content. Higher ranks are received by higher power sites. And, the search engine uses a website’s power to be measured by search parameters. Including backlinks, on site parameters, and other variables.

What Can Search Engine Optimization Do?

You should be aware of that search engine optimization will make your site successful. With the perfect mix of onsite and off site Search Engine Optimization, you will have the capacity to create an amazing number of traffic. This will give you the ability to maintain a top ranking. This could place an excellent sum of money into your bank account and will make your website more precious. Traffic is the least expensive means and cash to get it’s through Search Engine Optimization.

On Site Search Engine Optimization

Again, there are many variables, that’ll end up being impactful on your own entire Search Engine Optimization effort. Some of the most relevant can be your website itself. If your website isn’t correctly set up, it will be disregarded by Google immediately. At exactly the same time, you’ll must identify the keywords which should be set within these places.

Off Site Search Engine Optimization

Although anyone can pull off onsite Search Engine Optimization, offsite Search Engine Optimization demands a significantly amount of patience and is somewhat tougher. Scott Keever has been researching off site for years and has developed some keen skills in this area of focus.

Although you will find several distinct offsite Search Engine Optimization variables, the most significant is the backlink. Backlinks increases your website’s power immediately and are very significant. Sadly, getting these links is simple, although anything.

Be sure you work and develop links.

Social Media

Develop A Standing

In now’s world, standing is very significant. And, it can not be a lot more difficult to build a reputation that is terrible than the usual great one. You are given the skill to command the dialogue to some level by social media. It’ll give you the platform for keeping control over your standing and reacting to criticisms that are negative.

Assemble Trust

Consumers are more cynical than before. So, it’s certainly relevant to create trust between the customer and your firm. Social media is among the best techniques of all, although there are numerous methods to make this occur.

You may have the ability to create a connection by staying in touch with these people.

Improves Legality

Another thing to recall is in regards for their social media platform of choice that social media users have become informed. Scott Keever has perfected this method over the years. They’ll be aware of the amount of how many enjoys you’ve on Facebook, along with followers your business has on Twitter.

If you’ve got very few of either, they’ll will blow you away and scoff at your company. But if you chance to have a substantial amount of followers and like, you’ll have the ability to add legitimacy to your own company. Adding fans and followers will enhance the impression on your clients. You’re competent to establish in your prospective customers and this might very well convince them to see your website and make a purchase.


Scott Keever Seo is featured as on of the top seo businesses in both Cincinnati, Ohio and Tampa, Florida. These two cites are both up and coming tech headquarters. Some of the best SEO specialist are from these areas.

Just what is a Google penalty?

Google owes their setting as the globe’s leading internet search engine (89% market share) to a record of providing one of the most appropriate and also valuable search results page.
Their inspiration to offer the very best outcomes is shown in continuous tweaking of the formula which regulates which internet sites are plainly placed, as well as which ones typically aren’t.

The formula is very innovative, with over 200 various ranking aspects. In recent times mathematical and also hand-operated fines have actually been released to web sites that Google consider to have actually been taking part in manipulative methods. These charges decrease the importance of these websites in search results page, often eliminating them from the index entirely.


There are 3 Google fines that are most typical within Search Engine Optimization, all tailored at targeting over-optimization as well as control of the SERPs.
When struck by a charge an internet site will certainly be benched in search results page, commonly leading to a loss of website traffic, leads as well as sales.

There are methods of getting rid of Google fines as well as recuperating lost positions and also presence. The procedure and also technique to fine elimination or healing depends upon the sort of charge sustained.

Exactly how can we assist you?

If your web site has actually just recently shed positions, web traffic or sales, and also you’re uncertain why after that it’s feasible you have actually been struck by a fine.
Right here at Scott Keever Search engine optimization, we will certainly assist you uncover why this has actually taken place. As well as we have actually provided you all the info you have to recognize exactly what a Google charge is.

We understand that initially glimpse eliminating Google’s fines could feel like an overwhelming possibility. Dealing with the mistakes could be a taxing procedure, as well as understanding where to begin isn’t really constantly apparent.

Do not stress, whether you’re not sure just what kind of charge you have actually gotten, or merely do not have the sources to take on the job should raise the fine, Scott Keever Search engine optimization expert are right here in order to help.

We are the professionals

Considering that the earliest Panda upgrade, Scott Keever’s Search Engine Optimization group has actually been assisting companies raise charges.
With thorough as well as well thought-out procedures, Scott has a 99% elimination document.

With our encounter as well as expertise it’s risk-free to state that if you have actually been punished, whether it’s a content-based Panda problem, a link-based Penguin trouble or a Handbook Activity, we could identify the issue as well as aid your website recuperate its positions, exposure, website traffic as well as sales.




Highrisk Solutions Now Supports Devhelper.net


Merchant Accounts

High Risk Merchant Account For Tech Support Companies

Tech Support Merchant Account

If you are trying to setup your very own tech support business, you have probably run into a whole host of problems. It does not matter, if you your business is located in the United States or offshore, because the risks are similar. One thing that has probably not crossed your mind is setting up a merchant account. You probably have never considered this type of business, as “high risk”, but the banks will. Below, you will discover more important information about high risk merchant account for tech support companies.


Why Is Tech Support Considered High Risk?


When a merchant processor hears the words “tech support”, they automatically think high risk. This may seem unfair, but it is just part of the business. A merchant processor considers any business that has a high chance of chargebacks and frauds a high risk company. Of course, this does not seem fair to a new business owner, but is one of the challenges that you should expect to face throughout your tenure.

Need a new Tech Support Merchant Account?

Why Is Being High Risk Bad?


If your company is considered to be high rick, your rate for merchant processing is going to be much higher. There are lots of merchant processing providers available that offer competitive rates. So, if you are in the market for a service provider, be sure to do rate comparisons, before making your final selection. This will ensure that you get the best possible rates.


If you have already managed to obtain a good merchant account, it is impossible that the processor will suspend your account, if they deem you to be high risk in the future. With this in mind, it is sometimes best to avoid trying to deceive and instead go ahead and sign up with a high risk process.


Good and Bad of High Risk Accounts


Although high risk often has a bad stigma in the business world, there are a few benefits associated with high risk processors. First and foremost, these processors are very generous and very rarely deny applications. In fact, the average acceptance percentage is right around 99%. By doing business with one of these service providers, you can rest assured knowing your account will most likely be accepted.


Unfortunately, there is one potential downfall involved. High risk merchant accounts typically come with excessive fees, when compared to the alternative. In order to alleviate this concern, it is essential to shop around and seek out more favorable routes.




While you may feel apprehensive about being deemed a high risk merchant, you should not fret. There are hundreds of high risk merchant account processors that are more than willing to provide you with service.



Tech Support high risk merchant services

Tech Support High Risk Merchant Services – Everything You Should Know

 Tech Support

The Internet has helped consumers find new and highly innovative ways to generate income on the side. Although making money online can be very fruitful, it also comes with some downsides, with the most notable being the need to accept credit card payments. Whether you’re running a tech support company or sell some type of product, you will need to acquire a low-cost merchant account. There are some excellent tech support high risk merchant services out there, but you’ll need to know precisely what they entail. Within this guide, you will be able to find out, so you can know exactly what to expect.


Why High Risk?


When first setting up your business, you will likely believe that you’re being labeled as high-risk unfairly. Although this could very well be the truth, you’re not the only business that has met the same fate. Since your business can perfectly fit into the tech support category, you’ll automatically be labeled a high-risk. This has nothing to do with your business or its history. Instead, it is associated with the history of the tech support industry. Since tech support companies are very prone to chargeback issues, new and old companies within this field will automatically receive the high-risk label.


What To Know About High-Risk Merchant Services


If you’ve discovered that your company is going to be labeled a high-risk, you shouldn’t freak out. Surprisingly, there is an abundance of risky companies out there that have managed to accumulate a massive amount of money and success. Although it may be slightly harder for these groups, the battle is not one that is impossible to win. Instead, you’ll just need to utilize high-risk merchant services. With these specific services, the probability that you’ll be turned down is slim to none, which can be very reassuring.


Just remember that these specific services do come with a few negatives. The most notable is the fact that high-risk merchants will generally need to pay higher fees than lower risk merchants. However, the fees can generally vary and may differ from case to case. With these accounts, you should expect to pay an average of 4% per transaction, but this can be lowered, by searching around.




All in all, tech support companies will unfortunately almost always be labeled as high-risk. Don’t let this get you down. There are some ways to get around this problem, but it may result in slightly higher fees. Just take your time and obtain quotes from various payment solution providers, until you find one that offers the best and lowest fees.

Find the Best Credit Card Processing for Tech Support – devhelper.net


td merchant services

TD Merchant Services Terminating Tech Support Accounts

 td merchant services

Do you offer your technological services to others on the Internet? If so, you should understand that you’d need to utilize merchant services, if you wanted to get paid. In recent years, a lot of technological support experts have signed up with the TD Bank and have begun utilizing their merchant services. Those that operate within the tech support field and utilize TD Merchant accounts should understand that problems might be on the way. Within this article, you will learn about these complications and what you should do, if the company terminates your account.


Tech Support


Offering tech support online is an exceptional way to make money, but many entities do not see it this way. Some merchant processors will actually classify this type of business, as a high-risk. This is the case, because tech support companies tend to be on the receiving end of chargeback claims frequently. Payment processors do not want to engage in business with companies, which receive a large quantity of chargeback claims, so they’ll label them high-risk and refuse to do business with then.


For someone, who makes money in this manner, this can prove to be incredibly problematic.


TD Merchant Services


In recent times, TD has become very strict about the types of business that they accept. In this past, this wasn’t necessarily the case, but now the company has truly taken a turn for the worse. There are rumors that TD is actually terminating the accounts of those, who operate within the tech support field. This can be devastating to tech support companies and could potentially cause them to lose a significant amount of money, while they attempt to obtain another merchant account.


With this in mind, it is essential to brace yourself and prepare ahead of time. Below, you’ll learn how to do just that.


High Risk Accounts


Now, you should know that TD could very well terminate your account. In fact, the company’s policy admits that they maintain the right to cancel any account, at any point in time. By switching ahead of time, you will be able to prevent downtimes, while also stopping TD from taking advantage of your earnings. In order to do this, you will want to seek out a reliable, high-risk merchant account provider. Whether or not the fees will increase will matter very little. The only thing that will truly matter is that you will be able to maintain your peace of mind knowing that your account will not be terminated out of nowhere.

Need a High Risk Merchant Account for Tech Support?



At the end of the day, it may be wise to separate yourself from TD, before it is too late. This is especially true, if you run a tech support business. If so, you should consider obtaining a high-risk merchant account instead.

Here is some of the most frequently asked Questions form Td merchant services.


You asked: Just how do your alternatives vary from those of rivals?

We matched that to: Exactly how do your choices vary from those of rivals?

Our options change from those of our rivals in different methods. We provide recommended prices, and also simple suggestions as well as options to stay on top of your expanding company. There are not a surprises, TD’s signup procedure is simple and also clear so you understand specifically just what you are spending for. We give 24/7 technological assistance with a 4 hrs dedication to repair your incurable if it decreases. With TD Merchant Services you additionally have the TD name backing your companies.

You asked: Why should I pick TD?

We matched that to: Why should I select TD?

TD Merchant Solutions give nationwide reach and also abilities from the only repayment remedies service provider that is a leading Canadian financial institution. We supply the uncomplicated insight as well as remedies to stay on par with your expanding company. You could trust relied on recommendations and also encounter from a financial institution you currently understand.

You asked: Exactly what kind of assistance is offered?

We matched that to: Exactly what kind of assistance is offered?

We are open 24 Hr a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Merely call our Toll Free line at 1-877-836-7990 as well as among Phone Specialists will certainly have the ability to aid you.

You asked: Exactly how does the TD name as well as online reputation aid?

We matched that to: Just how does the TD name and also online reputation aid?

We are happy to support the TD Guard. This indicates that you will certainly have the assistance of a well-recognized as well as trustworthy brand name, which the Seller remedies we offer will certainly enhance your various other financial remedies.

You asked: Exactly what extra solutions does TD Merchant Solutions provide?

We matched that to: Exactly what extra companies does TD Merchant Solutions provide?

TD Merchant Services supplies lots of Include – Ons: Present Cards, Cleansing Cards, Givex, Online Reporting, Contactless Repayments. Please call our Phone Network to speak with a professional at 1-800-363-1163 or see our item web page (Indicate Item Web page).

You asked: Just what remedies do you provide for my COMPUTER?

We matched that to: Just what options do you provide for my COMPUTER?

Solutions for your COMPUTER are supplied with Vendor COMPUTER as well as Seller COMPUTER Set. This PC-based point-of-sale (POS) software program option enables you to refine credit rating and also debit card settlements utilizing your COMPUTER, as well as fulfills the present information safety and security requirement established by the repayment card market. The software application deals with one of the most typical os, and also is suitable if you intend to utilize your existing COMPUTER as well as not an incurable. Please keep in mind a PINpad is needed for Vendor COMPUTER and also Seller COMPUTER Set. Please call our Phone Network to speak with a professional at 1-877-836-7990.

You asked: Exist attachments?

We matched that to: Exist attachments?

We have lots of beneficial include – on provide. These consist of yet are not restricted to: TD Merchant Solutions Present Card Program, TD Merchant Solutions Cleansing Cards, Commitment Program, Online Reporting. Please call our Phone Network to talk with a professional at 1-877-836-7990.


Chase Merchant Services

Chase Merchant Services

Terminating Tech Support Accounts

Chase Merchant Services

Chase Merchant Services is great but its not for everyone. If you currently own a business that offers tech support to a large volume of consumers, you may be at risk of losing your chase merchant services account. While Chase had already deemed these accounts “high risk”, they still were willing to offer them service. Rumors have been floating around that Chase is considering terminating all tech support accounts, which would be devastating for thousands of business owners.


Merchant Account

A merchant services account allows business owners to collect various forms of payment for their services and products. In order to offer consumers these payment options, the business will need a payment processing option, which often falls into the hands of a merchant service provider. The provider will have the capabilities to process debit, credit, and personal check payments and process them in a very time efficient manner.

High Risk Businesses

There are hundreds of businesses that are deemed “high risk”. For example, adult entertainment, casinos, telemarking, and insurance companies are classified as “high risk”, because they often have a lot of chargebacks. There are many factors linked to chargebacks, including poor customer service, low-quality products, age restrictions, controversial content, and untimely shipping process.

Potential Challenges

Large retail businesses face many challenges, when it comes to payment processing. There are many risks, when it comes to accepting various forms of payment, especially debit and credit cards. There have been many issues reported with the insecurity of accepting payments via a credit card terminals or computer. Bank-grade encryption is now being embedded into these electronic devices in hopes of reducing identity theft fraud and this is not to even mention chargebacks.



As mentioned above, there are many reasons why a customer will request a full refund for provided services and products. With this being said, the business must always give the customer the benefit of the doubt, but often times, these claims are false and fraudulent. When a customer complains about a specific product or service, the company will do a brief investigation, which often rules in the customer’s favor. At this point, a return of funds is issued to the customer and a loss of revenue for the company.


If you own a tech support company and have a merchant account with Chase, you may be at risk of having it terminated. While these rumors have not been verified, they have been rampantly floating around. To protect your business from financial loss, you should prepare for the potential changes to come.


About Chase Paymenttech

Chase is an international leader in charge card handling. Companies open up a vendor solutions account with us to ensure that they could approve charge card settlements on the internet and also at the factor of sale. Greater than 284,702 vendors with 560,302 places trust us to handle their settlement handling.

Charge card Handling Providers for Merchants
We could assist you approve digital debit as well as bank card repayments swiftly and also economically. With a network of exclusive handling systems as well as systems, you could depend on us to refine all kinds of repayments for your vendor account– Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, present card, debit and also EBT deals– swiftly, dependably and also firmly.

Our credibility as a leading settlement cpu is just. Our extremely effective systems make sure precise, cost-efficient as well as prompt bank card handling. We have a completely repetitive, fault-tolerant system that flaunts practically 100% uptime. We additionally supply complete file encryption of delicate information– to safeguard your company and also your clients’ information.

Chase comprehends that repayment approval requires differ according to your company dimension and also market. We provide settlement handling for any type of kind of company– dining establishments, retail, web as well as even more. We likewise supply ingenious items such as a collection of on the internet reporting choices that could aid you take care of as well as safeguard your company. Our educated professionals will certainly seek advice from you to recognize the optimum path– and also settlement mix– that fits your demands.

We supply bank card handling and also have the capacity to license deals in greater than 120 moneys. We are dedicated to earning recurring industry-wide renovations in vendor companies in order to help make certain that our clients could understand the amount of their seller account as well as boosted returns for their company. We fund merchant-driven profession companies that produce sector developments associated with bank card scams, information safety and also different settlements to profit our consumers.
Get in touch with us today to find out more regarding Chase Merchant Services, our seller solutions, items and also options, or to enroll in a seller account.


About Devhelper

Tech Support Credit Card Processing

Devhelper.net started as a blog for technical support companies. We then turned into a pivitol hub for Tech Support Merchant Processing. Our members ran into credit card processing issues and began reaching out in our blog to find ways to get their business back online. We took there concerns and reached out to the best processors in the industry. We now have some of the best relationships in banking to help those in the Tech Support Industry.


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